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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 28, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good evening. tonight in your only local news at 7:00, you cannot go home again. or at least not for a few more
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days. as thousands of holiday travelers still dealing with canceled or delayed flights. bikes versus cars. the scuffle over lanes and meters sparking some debate. and shots fired. an attempted robbery at a dunkin donuts ends with one man dead. >> reporter: i'm armondo trull in laurel where police are investigating the fatal shooting of an alleged robber by a store employee. it happened outside of this dunkin don't you thes. officers responded to a robbery call at this dunkin donuts and gas station around 3:30 a.m. on tuesday. >> once offers got on scene they discovered an adult male suffering a gunshot wound to the lower extremity. >> reporter: the man died after being transported to prince george's county shock trauma. the dead man may have been trying to rob the gas station. >> the perp walked out with the money and then we heard
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gunshots. >> reporter: while the circumstances of shooting are still under investigation. maryland law allows the use of deadly force in defense of home or business if a person reasonably believes it's necessary to avoid serious bodily injury. i'm brittany morehouse reporting in northwest where meters are being sacrificed for bike lanes. >> the city is losing revenue. >> reporter: it's about money. >> reporter: and that's not the only complaint we hear along 5th street northwest where the bike lanes are taking up a two and a half smile stretch of road. >> we're losing parking. >> reporter: some business owners fear they are losing customers. >> if there is a problem with the business owners, i think they need to be more lenient and understanding. >> reporter: the city contends it reallocated parking on to side streets. >> we are sensitive to that and know that might have been a concern. >> reporter: and they are planning for more meters elsewhere to make up for that too. i'm lindsey mastis at reagan national. some people are still trying to
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make their ways home and others trying to go on vacation but many flights are canceled. this family knows where they are trying to go -- >> boston. >> reporter: and why think can't get there. >> delayed. >> we got to the airport and it was canceled. >> reporter: susie is trying to piecemeal her way back home to new york from charleston. >> i couldn't find anything and so i said heck, i'll fly to d.c. and try to find a bus from d.c. >> reporter: she's hoping to catch a greyhound. many flights were canceled and many people weren't able to book flights for days so they decided to find a different way home. and in new york city's outer boroughs, cars and buses stuck in the streets after the storm. many roads in brooklyn and queens are still not plowed and residents are getting frustrated. but the mayor said the crews
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have removed at least a thousand stuck vehicles so far. >> we won't get to everybody every time. we will make mistakes. but we have to continue plugging ahead. yelling about it and complaints don't help. and the focus on times square is moving mounts of snow so there is room for party guests. and the storm brushed us. we did get high winds but things have calmed down. let's check in with anny hong out on the weather terrace. >> the winds are diminishing but we still have an occasional gust acting up and that will continue through tonight. temperature wise not bad. here is a look at the satellite radar where we do see the ridge of high pressure in place. and we will see temperatures topping out right around 40 at this hour for reagan national, 37 for leesberg and also 32 for
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passover. wind gusts acting up in places like winchester where it's coming in at 20 miles per hour. cumberland out of the west at 18 miles per hour. so we'll see the wind gusts acting up a little bit once in a while tonight. tonight mostly clear and still cold with lighter winds. lows 18-26 degrees. we do have a warm-up coming our way and a chance ever showers. does that mean you'll be wet for new year's eve? we'll tell you coming up later. and the 911 tapes from the deadly fire in frostberg have been released and we know back on december 3rd a fire broke out in a campus and two people were trapped inside. by the time the firefighters were able to get in there, it was too late. we have the tapes now and we have to warn you what you are about to hear is pretty disturbing. >> 911, what is your emergency? alyssa? >> yes. >> we have the fire department
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there and we're trying to get to you. >> i'm [ indiscernible ]. please hurry. >> stay on the line with me. >> i'm trying, please. >> the couple died from smoke inhalation. state fire marshall said it was an overheated flue on a pot belly stove that started the fire. washington and hagerstown hospital both restrict when he parents -- when parents may take pictures during delivery and that is not sitting so well with parents. >> reporter: children grow and change so quickly, you've got to take pictures of them to remember what they looked like. from birth on. this one was taken in the birthing room seconds after the baby was born. umbilical cord still connects with the happy father about to cut the cord. >> when someone brings that
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baby to you for the first time, it's priceless. >> reporter: great pictures are paid by capturing the right moment. if you are forced to wait, you miss capturing that human emotion and you miss the shot. but families won't be able to capture moments on film if more hospitals ban birth photography. the hospital in hagerstown prohibits film or still photography until five minutes after the birth. the hospital said the new policy protects patient's privacy and reduces potential staff distractions. >> we got some of the best pictures of him when he was brand new. so i think we would have missed out on a lot if we had not had that opportunity. >> reporter: matt abramson and several other parents say a ban on birth photography restricts their rights to take pictures of their children. >> i can see in an emergency where they need to take the baby away but if it's a normal birth and they are right next to you, as we were, is there really a problem?
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>> reporter: but one local hospital spokesperson said safety of the mother and baby can be compromised when someone with a camera gets in the way. this new dad can see problems with birth videos up loaded on the internet. >> i was surprised because i can imagine the videos ending up on you tube. >> in fairfax, peggy fox, 9 news now. >> now a spokesperson for the washington venice hospital said photographs can begin after the birth as long as the doctor gives the okay. and holly cross has no policy but leave it to up to the doctor. well this story is getting reaction on the facebook page. one viewer said hospitals have no right to tell you if you can take pictures or video of your child's birth. it will only happen once. they should be happy they're videotaping in case something happens. but another viewer said the hospital is not a public place. they can establish whatever
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rules are needed to protect their environment and the patients'. to share your thoughts go to e- mail at or join the facebook page. fueling your tank, starting to empty your wallet. but a new device claims it helps you cut your costs at the pump. we'll take a closer look up next. >> the cable our car is on is sagging. it looks -- you can tell that it's not right. >> some frightening moments at a ski resort when something breaks on the ski lift. that story is up next. stay with us.
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in maine, half a dozen people recovering after a ski lift accident at the sugarloaf resort. the lift actually derailed in the high winds, sending some folks tumbling up to 30 feet on to the snow.
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witnesses say the lift was bouncing up and down like a yo yo. maureen atkinson got stuck on the lift. she called cnn on her cell phone while she was waiting to get down. >> i looked up and saw a big poof of powder up ahead and heard people screaming so then we realized something and then we looked at cable that our car is on and it's sagging. it looks -- you can tell it's not right. >> that is not rights. sugarloaf spokesman said the 35- year-old ski lift was supposed to be upgraded or replaced. state inspectors are on the scene. and officers say this is the man that robbed the pnc branch on die ago knoll road -- diagonal road. if you have information about him, call the top cops.
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are we in for a warmup? we'll find out in the forecast. but first turn your gas guzzler into a gas saver. we put a device to the test. stay tuned for that. my name is merle delancey in bagdad, iraq. message is for my two sons, william joseph and shawn. guys, i miss you and i hop you have a nice holiday. i'll be home soon. and i love you both.
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prices at the pump going up but there is a product claiming to give you increased power and fuel economy. it's called the fuel doctor, fd 47. while lesli foster checked it out to see if the gas saver lives up to the big promises. >> are gas prices hitting you hard? introducing the fd 47. sources of electrical interference prevent your vehicle from sending out steady currents that optimize speed, timing control and fuel injection. >> reporter: the commercial said the fd 47 fuel efficiency booster creates a stable current resulting in increased power and better fuel economy. consumer reports puts the promises to the test. >> it claims to have the best effect on vehicles older than two years and also claims to
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have some effect on vehicles that are newer. >> certified lab and field tests show increased mpg of up to 25%. >> reporter: testers put the fuel doctor in ten different vehicles. six of them were equipped with a fuel economy meter. then they measured the fuel efficiency in the city and on the highway. the other vehicles were put through acceleration tests to see if the fuel doctor really does increase power. then the tests were repeated without the device. in the end -- >> we found it made no significance difference at all. the only thing we saw was the light was on. >> reporter: so here is what will improve your mileage. avoiding fast acceleration and braking hard, watching speed, doing regular maintenance and keeping your tires properly inflated. lesli foster, 9 news now. >> and here are more gas-saving moves. and if you are headed out for one last trip of the new year, do not carry things on the top of your roof if you don't have
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to, and that includes a road rack. and check your tires and make sure they are not warn or underinflated. home values in prince george's county have plummeted and despite what you think home value assessments mean, housing values have dropped 35% in beltsville to laurel and bowie to brandywine but because of maryland's complicated tax codes long-time homeowners could see taxes go up. >> if you've been in your home for quite sometime, 10-15 years, you're increases have not kept up with inflation. so therefore what we call your homestead assessment may still be lower than your reduced assessment. >> county officials blame short sales and foreclosures for the low assessments. they count iii out of every four -- they count 3 out of every four homes in the area. a pedestrian finds himself in the middle of the street in turkey when a bus or truck starts going. the driver of the fuel truck
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just can't see him because the hood is too high. the pedestrian starts to run. he's just inches away from total flattening. other drivers flag the trucker down and the pedestrian avoids any serious injury. and here is one monumental insurance headache. a tow truck pulling free a snowplow that got stuck on one new york city street. but the truck pulls the plow right into a parked suv. ouch. and part of the back bumper fell off. i hope everybody paid the latest insurance premium. i think the guys are trying to get away before the owner of the suv shows up. >> that's possible. you never know. nothing like that weather here. in fact things are about to get better in the neighborhood. >> we got spared from the crazy snow. but we did see intense winds yesterday. today the winds starting to diminish. still an occasional gust tonight and that is the case for the next few hours. wind gusts out of the northwest
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generally 22 miles per hour for leesberg. 20 for winchester. and around reagan national we're clocking in a wind gust at 17 miles per hour. currently temperatures in the 40s still here at reagan national. 34 in gaithersburg. 20 -- 32 for fredericksberg and 36 for winchester. 20s for cambridge. right around 27 degrees. georgetown coming in at 33 degrees right now. winds diminishing tonight. still another cold night. sunny days are ahead with milder temperatures coming. so you might get a little break, especially by the weekend. satellite and radar pictures showing we have this area of high pressure dominating the weather pattern for the next few days here allowing us to stay dry. and we won't see any precip in the locations. and places like new york and philly and boston that got all of the snow, they are getting a chance to also dig out from the snow. they are not seeing any more snowfall. sunny skies like us and milder conditions. for wednesday morning, a sunny start. still cold and not as windy but
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temperatures in the 20s. so i would dress in layers once again. northwest winds 5-10 but by the afternoon you can take the layers off and it will stay sunny and feel milder. be around average. highs 39-46 degrees. here is the national look at the satellite and radar picture. pointing out parts of california where they are getting pummeled with rain and mountain snow. and we're going to see still high pressure dominate our area. and for the most part, we'll be talking about some sunny skies. here is our future cast. you can see high pressure still in place and through wednesday we're talking about more sunshine. so if you want to take your lunch outside and take a nice walk, not a bad day to do that because the winds will not be a factor really tomorrow. and then we do have this system coming in where this is going to provide some clouds. at this point we're not expecting a shower to impact our area. shower staying to the north of us. we'll see the variable cloudiness for thursday but should be on the dry side.
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the next three days, thursday will be mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. some of you will be optimistic and say partly sunny. friday partly cloudy and 49 and some places might get to 50. average high is 44, so we'll be above average in the next few days here. friday night we're going to be staying dry at this point. so new year's eve, all you party-goers, you don't need the umbrellas yet, but for new year's day, mostly cloudy skies, chance of showers for new year's day into early sunday morning. but look at the temperature there. 56 degrees for new year's day. so we'll be well above the average high of 44. 12 degrees above it. sunday we finish off the weekend under mostly cloudy conditions, 47 degrees. and then monday and tuesday, staying dry, partly cloudy, highs topping out in the 40s. those are the great weekend -- this is a great weekend to get outside and to enjoy some of the milder weather because maybe have you been stuck inside a lot. >> we haven't had a good weekend like this in a while.
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so the rain is in the afternoon you think, on saturday? >> late saturday afternoon into the evening. >> we can live with that. to our weird news file where we have a toy so weird that even 12-year-old boys may take a pass. who am i kidding? to germany where the dog's name is hackle tackle and the whole point so his existence is you getting him to poop. he is always hungry and you feed him and then he does that. if he does his business and walks for you, you collect it in a shovel and fill your bucket and the first player to fill the bucket wins the game. it's all about creep cleaning up after the -- cleaning up after the dog. and i think they enjoy hearing everybody go, ooh, gross.
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in the mail bag tonight, loads of reaction on the facebook page to the case of the robber who went into the wrong dunkin donuts store and ended shot to death. and robert wrote, if the choice was the clerk or the robber. i'm glad the robber met his end. >> and the sad part, he stood to gain what, $100?
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the gun in his hand probably was more than the gain. this has real consequences for every negative action and in the end his actions got an answer that his body wasn't ready for. and no sympathy at all from joe. i for one feel that the potentially many peoples lives were enriched by the death of this idiot. he won't have the opportunity to rob someone else ever again and he saved the taxpayers countsless sums of money by not having to try this idiot. and then from yesterday and whether the thought counts in gifts we give. but we have gotten lazy and allow our children to forget this as time passes. news stories today itching to use the gift cards they received. how much thought goes into picking up a gift card while checking out at the grocery? well as i pointed out in last night's let's be real segment at 11:00 p.m., nothing says i
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love you more than i bought your gift right next to the junior mints at the checkout at best buy. could you see i love you with more e-mail. the address is i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 with anita brikman and log on any time you like to we'll see you a bit later. have a great evening. bye-bye.
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my name is chris. i'm going to be a medical assistant. i'm going to help people. now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. kelsey and camille's $100 million divorce. >> new details today, the battle over the money. >> right now, we don't speak. >> kelsey's new fiance, the kids in the middle. no prenup. >> 2010's most expensive splits. sandra and jesse, tiger and elin. who's next? whose breakup broke the bank. >> this divorce will cost them millions. >> surf's up in celebrity gps. cher and kathy griffin in hawaii. >> the annheuser busch billionaire and the model found dead in the mansion. >> the girl is not waking up. is this hollywood's next movie ripped from the headlines.


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